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Oct 02, 2023

Brickyard’s Innovative Approach to Fueling Startups and Economic Growth w/ Cam Doody Part 1

Brickyard stands as a beacon of innovation and venture evolution, offering a unique perspective and approach to supporting startups in their precarious initial development phases. Unlike typical accelerators, Brickyard acts as an in-person residency for teams pre-product/market-fit, focusing on radical focus and execution over formal programming, eliminating the distractions often prevalent in the venture capital culture. Investing $300k-$400k in less than 0.25% of teams, it fosters a community where startups can collaboratively traverse through the tumultuous journey, reinforcing Chattanooga’s stature as a hub of entrepreneurial vigor and economic dynamism. This video delves into the unique ecosystem Brickyard has developed, showcasing how it’s contributing to the economic resurgence and industrial diversity of the region by supporting ventures in their most critical stage. Explore the first episode of BRICKYARD x GCEP to witness the revolutionary journey of Cam Doody and gain insights into Chattanooga’s burgeoning economic landscape.

Film by Marcherie Jamene Savage

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