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Jul 21, 2022

iFixit to renovate warehouse in Onion Bottom, add over 200 jobs in Chattanooga


Kyle Wiens is on a mission to “teach everybody how to fix everything” and in the process reduce wasted materials and energy spent by manufacturers of nearly every electronic device and household product.

Since Wiens launched the business iFixit from his college dorm room in 2003, when he couldn’t find a guide to fixing his Apple iPad, the business has grown to offer help and tools for consumers to repair hundreds of items. From its roots offering help with Apple products and cellular phones, the company has grown to provide tools and advice for fixing not only electronic devices but also everything from cameras and power tools to cars and trucks.

The rapidly growing iFixit announced Tuesday it will expand its growing global business with an East Coast service facility and warehouse in Chattanooga and add more than 200 jobs within the next five years. Like the business itself, iFixit has bought a building in Chattanooga’s Onion Bottom station that needs its own fixing for its newest facility. Click here to learn more.

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